Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter Two - A Sleep Schedule Disruption

“Holy Shit! You sleep like the dead!” Ally sighed as she pulled back the hotel curtains. Blinding light flooded the room immediately and I pulled the covers up to shield my eyes.

“Ugh, Ally! What time is it?!” I asked, fearing the answer.

“Oh, it’s 8:30! And you need to get up right now because we have to be out of here by 9:00,” she said pulling various make-up essentials out of my bag and throwing them at me.

“Why? We have somewhere to be?” I eyed her suspiciously.

“Well, Sidney’s doing this little signing at some local sports store at 12:30 and we have to go down there and get in line. And I am not going without you.”

“We have to be there three and a half hours before?! You’re insane. You’re friggin insane!” I rolled over in bed and buried my head underneath the pillow.

“Look, Spence. I know you’re not a morning person, but can you please just do this for me?” I hated how close we were. I couldn’t say no.

“Fine! I hate you, you know.”

“Ah! I love you so much!” I managed to drag myself out of bed, take a quick shower, and dress. I wore denim shorts, a blue and white checkered short sleeved shirt, and my favorite cowgirl boots. “Wow, you look like you just stepped out of The Dukes of Hazzard!” I looked at Ally and smiled. I hoped my outfit impressed someone else too. We ended up with a really good spot in line inside the store. I felt bad for the other people who had to stand out in the sun. When Sid finally emerged to a roaring applause, Ally dug her nails so far into my arm I’m pretty sure she left permanent scars. “Oh my God!”

“Can you calm the hell down, please?” I asked even though my own nerves started to take a hold on me. I really hoped that he wouldn’t say anything about our meeting last night. I wasn’t sure at all if I wanted Ally to know yet. But if he remembered, of course he’d say something right? I hoped to God that he’d be able to read whatever subtle signs I tried to give him to keep his mouth shut. When we were five people away from the front of the line, the picture in Ally’s hands began to shake. “Relax, Al. It’ll all be fine.”

“Hey,” Sid said when we finally reached the table.

“Oh my God, it’s so nice to meet you!” Ally gushed, turning about a million shades of red. She controlled her shaking hand enough to hand him the picture. “Say something, Spence!” She whispered as she took back her picture and thanked him a million times. Surprisingly she managed to walk away without fainting.

“Hey there,” he said as he began signing the picture I handed him. “I’m not good enough to introduce to your friends?”

“No, that’s not it,” I said. “It would just take too much…explaining.” He smiled and handed me back the picture.

“If you think that will take explaining, you better not show her that.” He pointed at the picture then moved on to sign the next person’s autograph. I looked down at the picture in my hand. ‘Spencer, hope we’re still on for later. –Sid’.

“He was writing for such a long time, what’d he say?” Ally said, peering over my shoulder.

“NOTHING!” I practically screamed at her and shoved the picture inside of a magazine I had bought earlier and then shoved the magazine in my purse. She was looking at me like I had five heads which was to be expected. “You know, he just wrote his name. It didn’t take any longer for him to sign mine than it did yours.” Ally was still giving me a peculiar look, but she let it slide.

“I totally can’t believe we just met him,” she said, returning to her former swooning. “I wonder where he hangs out, you know, to get away from the fans?”

“Yeah, I wonder too,” I muttered. We stepped outside into the warm sun and looked around at the hundreds of fans who were still waiting on line.

“Glad I made you wake up early, huh?” Ally asked, noting the crowd.

“Yeah I guess. Well what do you want to do today?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Just hang around.” And that’s all we did. Hang around. All day. We pretty much covered all of Cole Harbour on foot until both of us were too tired to even move. By the time nine o’clock rolled around, I was ready to just crash. So, I set my phone alarm for 2:00, shoved it under my pillow and was off to sleep. By the first ring of the alarm I was out of bed. I dressed as quietly as I could, grabbed my keys and headed for the door. I love promptness and I was a little disappointed that Sid had beaten me there. He was sitting on a little bench a few feet away from the diner with his ice cream and apparently mine.

“I was starting to think you wouldn’t show,” he said handing me the cup of chocolate ice cream.

“I’m always true to my word,” I replied, taking it from him. “How’d you know I wanted chocolate?”

“Oh I tend to remember when something stains my favorite shirt forever.” He smiled and I stared at him in disbelief.

“Oh my God! I had no idea I got any on you. I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it. I was only kidding when I said it was my favorite shirt. I can live without it. And besides, whenever I look at it, I’ll think of you.” I was suddenly more than grateful that we were sitting, because if we weren’t, I might have fainted dead away. “So, how are you enjoying your time in Cole Harbour so far?”

“Do you want the honest answer, or the polite one?”

“The honest one.” He laughed and started eating.

“Well, there’s not much to do around here. I mean it’s been a day and I think I’ve seen it all.” [A/N: Once again, I’m so sorry if Cole Harbour has a hoppin’ night life. I know nothing about it =p]

“Well I’d love to show you around sometime.” He said it as nonchalantly as if he were stating that it was dark outside or that the world was round. Another look of disbelief floated across my features.

“I’d love to be shown around sometime, but the media is hot on your trail right now, with all of the Cup stuff, and I wouldn’t love to be shown around by you and the media.”

“Fair enough. I can take a hint when I’m being rejected.”

“No no! I’m not rejecting you at all…I’m just saying.”

“Jeeze Spencer, lighten up. I was only kidding.” Great here I was making myself seem like an uptight moron. “You’re not an uptight moron.” Oh my God. Did I say that out loud?

“Wow, I have no idea what’s wrong with me tonight.” This had to go down in history as one of the most awkward first dates ever in the century of the world. But to my surprise he was laughing again and that put me at ease.

“Relax Spencer, I already like you. You don’t have to try so hard.” To say I was floored could probably be the understatement of the century. “Tell me about yourself.”

“Well, now that I know I can ramble endlessly without you hating me, you should get comfortable.” After that, I rattled on about how I’ve lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and how Ally and I are absolute best friends and that that was the reason I didn’t want him to say anything earlier. I talked about when I was younger, how summer was my favorite season, how I loved to vacation, and everything in between. Only when I finished talking did I notice that the sun was rising.

“I am so sorry that I bored you till the sun came up.” I said laughing.

“It wasn’t boring at all. You’re really interesting. And even though this is drastically screwing up my sleeping schedule, it’s worth it.” I still couldn’t believe that we were really having this conversation. I kept expecting to wake up any minute or a camera crew to run out from behind a tree and yell “gotcha!”.

“Well it’s your turn. I wanna hear everything!” I leaned closer to him and lost my balance, toppling right off the bench. When he leaned down to help me up, our faces were inches apart. I could almost taste the minty-ness of the Altoid he popped about five minutes ago. I wanted to curse the heavens when his cell phone started vibrating.

“That’ll be my mom,” he said without moving.

“You better go.”

“Yeah I better.” But neither of us moved. I was still sitting on the concrete and he was still leaning over me and frankly, I was tired of waiting for him to make a move, so I just went for it. I leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips. When we pulled apart he was smiling. “Now I can go.”

“Damn it Sidney! I hate making the first move!” He was still smiling as he began walking down the block.

“I know! Why else would I do that?” I could hear him laughing even as he rounded the corner.


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