Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chapter One - Did That Just Happen?

Alright, so I had this idea && I swear, it just wouldn't leave me alone until I picked up the pen [[or in this case, opened the computer]] and wrote it. I honestly don't know where I'm going with this story, I just sort of...went haha. I'd love to know what you all think of it though && if it's worth continuing. Besides, a little Sidney Crosby fan-fic never hurt anyone ;) OH! P.S. I know absolutely nothing about Cole Harbour, so I'm so sorry if this is all wrong =p

“Jeeze! Can you believe it?! We’re are going to the hometown of THE Sidney Crosby! I can’t believe it! I think I might die before I get there!” My best friend Ally Mulqueen chirped excitedly from the passenger’s seat of my Mercedes. It was my delayed high school graduation gift. My high school career had ended two years ago, but my dad didn’t give me the car until now. Therefore, it counted as my graduation gift and my twentieth birthday gift.

“Seriously Ally, we didn’t even get out of Pennsylvania yet. If I have to hear this the whole car ride, I just might kill myself,” I responded in an exasperated tone.

“Come on, Spence! This is gonna be so fun. Me, my best friend, a summer road trip, Sidney Crosby. What more could you ask for?!” She grabbed my hand that was resting on the center console and squeezed. I looked at the excitement in her face and immediately softened. Ally and I had grown up together in Pittsburgh. We did absolutely everything together. Went to school, had sleepovers, dated guys, fought over guys, everything. It was Spencer Addison and Ally Mulqueen for life. Where one of us went the other followed. And on this particular day, we happened to be driving all the way up to Cole Harbour all because Ally just had to see the sign that boasted Sidney’s name or she would “positively die”. Ally and I both shared a love of hockey but for very different reasons. I loved to actually watch the game. She loved to watch the guys playing the game. Now, I love Ally to death, but hearing how “absolutely dreamy” Sidney Crosby is seventy five times during a game can be a little tiring. I give Ally so much crap about her obsession that I would never admit that I find him quite attractive too. I could never give her the satisfaction of saying “I told you so”. That would kill me.

“How do you know he’s even in Cole Harbour right now?” I asked pulling my hand away and putting it on the wheel.

“Because,” she started and whipped out a colorful chart, “his second day with the cup is today! Therefore, when we arrive tonight, he’ll definitely still be there. And I’m sure he’ll want to spend some time with his family. Trust me, he’s gonna be there.”

“And there’s also going to be a thousand other crazies just like you who are hoping to meet him there,” I replied.

“Oh my God! Your French manicure looks so good, Spence! Did you get it done at Tiffany’s?” she asked quickly changing the subject. I rolled my eyes and turned up the volume on the radio. It was going to be a long twenty one hours. We left at 12 AM Saturday morning and arrived around 10:00 PM that night. We drove in shifts because, to Ally, it was an absolute must that we get there as quickly as possible. As soon as Ally saw the sign she made me stop and take fifty million pictures of her in front of it.

“This one’s totally gonna be my new Facebook default,” she said staring at the screen on the digital camera.

“You said that about every single picture I took,” I answered focusing on the road. There were still tons of people mobbing the streets. I guess when something this big happens to someone from your town, you want to squeeze every last ounce of celebration out of it.

“Can you please pull over, Spencer? I wanna get out and walk around,” Ally begged, giving me the “puppy dog” face. I sighed, incredibly tired from the drive, but complied. After walking around for an hour with no sign of Sid, Ally finally agreed to let me drive to our Halifax hotel. After a quick shower, I was in the bed by 11:30. A time unusually early for me, which is exactly why at around 3:00 I was wide awake. My body was used to running on ridiculously low hours of sleep. I crawled out of bed, threw on a pair of jeans and my University of Pittsburgh sweatshirt and stealthily exited the hotel room. I hopped into the car and decided I’d take a drive around Cole Harbour. My eye was immediately attracted to this little 24-hour diner that had a flashing “homemade ice cream” sign. I was sold. I walked into the diner, which was mostly deserted, bought my ice cream, and made my way back out to the car. I was fumbling around in my purse for the keys when I accidentally ran into someone. I involuntarily let out a scream because, after all, it was 3:30 in the morning and I bumped into a shadowy figure.

“Whoa sorry, are you okay?” the guy asked. I wasn’t even looking at him. I was more concerned with making sure I didn’t get any chocolate on my prized hoodie.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I answered closely inspecting the “I”. After I saw that all was good, I looked up to see who I ran in to. We were under a streetlight, so I could see everything from his dark curly hair to his plump red lips clear as day. “Sidney Crosby?!” Shock filled my voice.

“Oh man! I was hoping I was gonna run into the one person who wouldn’t recognize me,” he said smiling. “But I guess I should have given up that dream after I saw the Pittsburgh sweatshirt.” I looked down then back up at him.

“Yeah, it was a longshot, but I’m sure you’ll run into that person one day,” I said smiling back at him. “What are you doing up at 3:30 in the morning?”

“I could ask you the same thing. But since you asked first, I was going to get ice cream,” he answered.

“Ah, same here,” I replied holding up my cup.

“Great minds do indeed think alike,” he said. “You’re from Pittsburgh I take it?”

“Born and bred. And you’re from Cole Harbour, I take it?” He laughed and nodded although I already knew the answer.

“Pretty crazy day today. I just wanted some peace and quiet. Did you see all the Cup stuff?”

“Nope. I just drove up here tonight with my best friend. Big hockey fan. Big you fan.” He laughed again. He probably got that all the time.

“And you’re not?” He raised an eyebrow at me playfully.

“Oh I am. But she’s more into it for…how should I put this, the…man candy.” I couldn’t think of a better way to put it so I stated blatantly what it was.

“If she’s half as cute as you are, I’m in trouble.” I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. This could not be happening. Was I seriously being hit on by Sidney Crosby on a street corner in Cole Harbour. He’s just being nice I decided. Friendly. It’s the way he has to be to deal with all of the girls he meets. “So, you already know me. Who am I speaking with?”

“Spencer Addison.”

“I like Spencer. You look like a Spencer.” More flirting? No. More politeness.

“Thanks. Most people think it’s weird.”

“Absolutely not. It’s unique. I like unique. So Spencer, I’d love to stand around and chat, but I’ve got to get back. My mom will think I got murdered somewhere. Moms.” He rolled his eyes dramatically. “I’ll see you around, hopefully.” This was it. This could potentially be the last time I ever see him. Where was my sassy attitude when I needed it? Why couldn’t I think of something clever to say? Think, think, think.

“I might be craving ice cream around 2:45 tomorrow morning.” There we go, back in action.

“Oh? Are you asking me on a date?” A cute smile played on his lips.

“That depends on whether or not you show up.” And with that I hopped in my car and drove away, feeling very confident that he would indeed be there.


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